Wilt Chamberlain Rookie Card Sells For $60,000

Wilt Chamberlain

Rookie Card Sells For $60,000

9/20/2018 2:40 PM PDT


Wilt Chamberlain‘s rookie card just sold at auction for more than 600 TIMES what he once scored in a basketball game … ’cause TMZ Sports has learned somebody paid over $60k for it!!

The ultra-rare card was a 1961 Fleer piece — graded in PSA 9 Mint condition — featuring the NBA legend in his Philadelphia Warriors jersey.

Unclear who the new lucky owner of the card is … but PWCC Marketplace tells us 56 total bids were placed before Thursday’s winner was crowned.

We’re told the same card of Wilt — who’s famous for dropping 100 points in a single NBA game back in 1962 — previously sold for $45,000 in May 2017.

By the way … apparently anything Wilt’s previously graced is going for big money these days — remember when his old mansion hit the market for $18.99 MILLION in June?!

Talk about ROI.

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