Vikings vs. Saints: Fire Departments Place Bet on NFL Playoff Game

Vikings vs. Saints

Fire Departments Place Wager

… on NFL Playoff Game

1/12/2018 9:27 AM PST

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The stakes are high when the Vikings and Saints face off this weekend … ’cause both teams’ local fire departments are placing an epic wager … and it could all go up in smoke!!

Here’s the deal … the Minneapolis and New Orleans fire depts. have agreed to a bet that will force the losing side’s Chief to install a smoke detector with the winning team’s logo in their office.

High stakes.

As part of the wager, The Buff Project — a fire safety org — plans to hand out 50 team-branded smoke detectors to each city participating in the remainder of the playoffs.

Shout-out to stayin’ safe and supporting your football team.

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