Usher's Wife Has a Message for His Herpes Accusers

Usher’s Wife

To All My Hubby’s Herpes Accusers

… From Me (& Usher?)

11/12/2017 7:58 PM PST


Usher‘s wife has something to say to all the folks accusing her husband of exposing them to herpes — and it seems like she said it with the man himself 6 inches from her face.

We got Grace Raymond at LAX, where our photog asked if she had a message for everyone making allegations against her guy. As we’ve reported … there’s quite a few now.

She definitely had one thought to share, which was … not exactly what we were expecting. 

What’s interesting here … Grace appears to be on the phone with Usher himself. Unclear if he caught the question — but if he did … this couple sure gets on the same page quick.

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