Thomas Markle No Longer Likes Bill Maher After 'Real Time' Joke Ripping Him

Thomas Markle

Cursing Mad at Bill Maher for Pot Shot

2/27/2019 8:57 AM PST


Meghan Markle‘s dad is outraged he’s the butt of a joke once again, but this time it hurts way more because the joke came from one of his heroes — Bill Maher.

ICYMI — Maher was mocking flyover states last Friday on his show, ‘Real Time,’ when he dropped a Thomas Markle reference. Bill said red state voters … “wanna go to the party. It’s like we’re the British Royal Family and they’re Meghan Markle’s dad.”

Sources close to Thomas tell TMZ … he’s pissed, not only because he was a big Maher fan, but because he hates being compared to red state voters. We’re told Thomas is a Democrat and hates Trump just like the late-night host … so he especially hated being lampooned that way.

Our Thomas sources say he vented to a friend about the Bill bashing, saying he “should keep his f***ing mouth shut!” … because Bill doesn’t know the complete story about his strained relationship with his daughter.

Not that we think Maher’s concerned but, for what it’s worth … he’s in good company. Thomas said pretty much the same thing about George Clooney.

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