Steve Nash on Sports Betting Concerns, 'Sh*t's Happened'

Steve Nash

On Sports Betting Concerns

‘Sh*t’s Happened’

5/16/2018 11:46 AM PDT


Steve Nash knows … legalized sports betting won’t go off without a hitch — noting that in the past, “sh*t’s happened.”

There are concerns that the new Supreme Court ruling legalizing sports betting across the U.S. could lead to point shaving scandals … like we’ve seen in the past at Arizona State and Boston College. 

The suggestion is … with sports betting being a hundred billion dollar industry and growing, there will be more incentive to pay off players to shave points or throw games. 

But Nash doesn’t seem too worried … telling TMZ Sports, “I wouldn’t [be concerned]. They’re responsible young gentlemen of society.”

He acknowledges some players will screw up — but they’re probably in the minority. 

“Sh*t’s happened over time. I’m sure something will happen. But people are responsible for themselves.”

Translation … if certain players break the rules, that’s on them — but don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. 

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