Sammy Sosa's Dreaming of a Pasty White Christmas

Sammy Sosa

I’m Dreaming of a Pasty White Xmas!

12/7/2017 6:04 AM PST

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Here’s former baseball star Sammy Sosa keepin’ things light at a huge festival in Miami Beach.

Sosa hit up DuJour’s Miami Beach’s Art Basel Kick-Off at The Confidante where he posed for pics on his way into the event … weeks after T.I. blasted him for his alleged skin bleaching. 

Sammy’s complexion has very obviously changed over the years. We can only find one interview where he addressed it — from 2009 — saying the lightening was an unexpected result of a skin softening cream.

T.I. called B.S. and said it was more about “self-hate” — but, judging by the way Sammy was smiling and laughing on the red carpet, he really doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks.

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