President Trump Praises Jim Brown, 'Would Be Highest Paid NFL Player Right Now'

President Trump

Jim Brown Would Be Highest Paid NFL Player

… If He Played Now

10/11/2018 7:00 AM PDT

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Donald Trump says Jim Brown was such a stud back in the day, he would UNDOUBTEDLY be the highest paid player in the NFL if he was active right now. 

The problem is … he’s wrong.

“I’ve known him. I’ve respected him truly,” Trump said about Brown … “Can you imagine him playing in the NFL today what he’d be making? Double what everyone else is getting! He was the greatest.”

Trump’s right — Brown was insanely good and arguably the best NFL player of all time. But, NFL contracts today … it’s a QB’s world! 

The highest paid NFL players in 2018 (salary and bonuses, according to Forbes) are as follows … 

1) Aaron Rodgers (QB) — $75.9 million. 

2) Matt Ryan (QB) — $57.5 million 

3) Jimmy Garoppolo (QB) — $43.1 million

Then Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald. In fact, there’s not a running back in the Top 10! 

And, get this … the highest paid NFL running back right now is Le’Veon Bell … who’s so upset with his contract situation, he’s sitting out! 

So, would Brown get paid? Hell yeah. More than Aaron Rodgers … no way. 

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