Olivia Culpo Gets Cheeky in Fishnet Thong Dress

Olivia Culpo

Gets Cheeky

In Fishnet Thong Dress

4/11/2018 12:20 AM PDT

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Here’s Olivia Culpo making Danny Amendola seriously regret his life decisions … baring it all (almost) in a thong bikini/dress hybrid.

Yeah … can’t say we know exactly what that is, but we do know it’s amazing … and that it was Culpo’s special outfit for a Calzedonia summer fashion show in Verona, Italy.

Olivia wasn’t on the runway herself, but she obviously stole the show … and really seems to be doing well considering she just split with her NFL star ex-boyfriend 2 weeks ago.

Damn, Danny — you sure Miami was worth it??

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