NBA's Taj Gibson: No Way I'll Buy LaVar's $1,500 Shoe!

NBA’s Taj Gibson

No Way I’ll Buy LaVar’s $1,500 Shoe!

9/12/2017 6:44 AM PDT


Taj Gibson has made nearly $40 MIL playing in the NBA — so, he’s a big baller — but the Timberwolves stud says there’s NO WAY he’s droppin’ $1,500 on LaVar Ball‘s new shoe!

For the record, LaVar hasn’t debuted his upcoming “LaVar-icci” kicks yet — but says the price tag will be more than 3 TIMES higher than his son Lonzo’s ZO2s.¬†

So, when we saw Gibson at LAX we had to ask … you gonna cop these kicks or what!?

“No, I don’t think I’ll wear a pair,” Taj says … “But I’ll probably show support.”

Of course, Jay-Z recently threw his support behind BBB — saying he was impressed with a black¬†entrepreneur challenging massive athletic wear companies like Nike and Under Armour.

Still, ya gotta wonder if $1,500 is too much for Jay, too.

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