Louis C.K.'s Former Manager Dave Becky Apologizes for 'Cover-Up'

Louis C.K.’s Ex-Manager

I Was Covering for Cheating …

Not Sexual Misconduct!!!

11/13/2017 1:40 PM PST

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Louis C.K.‘s longtime, and now ex-manager, Dave Becky, is copping to his part in — as he puts it — a “perceived cover-up” of the comedian’s sexual misconduct.

Becky issued an apology, admitting he blew off the accuser’s stories when he first heard of them — and assumed the real issue at hand was C.K.’s infidelity … and not sexual harassment.

He states, “I profoundly regret and am deeply sorry for not listening to and not understanding what happened to Dana and Julia. If I had, I would have taken this event as seriously as it deserved to be, and I would have confronted Louis, which would have been the right thing to do.”

He goes on to say, “Albeit enormously embarrassing, in no way did I interpret the interaction as threatening or non-consensual. I misperceived the casual way the story was portrayed to me.”

Becky says, in light of everything now, he understands that his response “was perceived as a threat to cover-up sexual misconduct.”

Becky insists his misinterpretation came from a place of naivete and privilege, and he has vowed to do better.

“I am going to take time to reflect on this, to educate myself daily, and to strive towards a more enlightened path. I want to ensure that all voices around me are heard, and that everyone is treated respectfully and empathetically. More than anything, I want to create an environment that is a better, safer and fairer place.”

There’s a push for Becky’s other huge clients — such as Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari — to drop him.

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