Lindsey Vonn Says Women Will Compete vs. Men Eventually, 'No One Likes Change'

Lindsey Vonn

Women Will Compete vs. Men

… ‘No One Likes Change’

4/22/2018 12:40 AM PDT


Lindsey Vonn says women competing against men in sports like skiing is a matter of WHEN, not if … and it would’ve happened already if people weren’t so opposed to change. 

Lindsey — arguably the GOAT female skier — has been pushing to race with the bros for years … but the International Ski Federation still hasn’t signed off. 

The Olympic gold medalist admits it may not happen during her career … but says she’s hopeful the old heads will eventually get it right.

“No one likes change, you know?” Vonn told TMZ Sports. “It’ll eventually happen — it’s just, how long will it take?”

Don’t worry — we didn’t forget to ask Lindsey about her, shall we say, unique dress at the ACM Awards … and you could tell she ain’t sweatin’ the haters even a little. 

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