Judge Mathis Makes Tom Izzo the Happiest Man on Earth

Tom Izzo

The Happiest Man on Earth

… in ‘Judge Mathis’ Cameo

12/5/2017 10:15 AM PST

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Tom Izzo‘s won the NCAA tournament and been to 7 Final Fours … but from the looks of it, the happiest moment of his life was being on the set of “Judge Mathis.”

The legendary Michigan State basketball coach was a special guest on the courtroom reality show … and dude was cheesin’ like it was his damn wedding day. 

Mathis was presiding over a diehard Ohio State fan (from Michigan!!), so he had to throw shade and shout out Coach Izzo — who couldn’t get enough. 

Fun fact: Judge M says his daughter was a student assistant for Izzo … so it’s no surprise that they bro’d out backstage during the taping.

Mathis even dropped the gavel on rival Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, captioning their pic: “I hear you are a Judge Judy fan. Izzo wins!”

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