Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Involved in New York City Car Accident

Jason Bateman & Will Arnett

Involved in Car Accident in NYC

… Their Taxi Hit a Car

5/21/2018 6:02 PM PDT


Jason Bateman and Will Arnett got into a car accident Monday evening while riding in a taxi in New York City, but they seem to be okay … TMZ has learned. 

Eyewitnesses tell us the “Arrested Development” stars and 2 other people were cruising in a taxi van near Madison Square Park, when their driver rear-ended a sedan in front of them. We’re told cops were called, but no one was transported to the hospital.

Law enforcement sources say the driver of the black Ford sedan claimed to have suffered some back pain as a result of the collision — but otherwise, seemed fine. We’re told Jason and Will also went uninjured, and even stuck around to talk to the police.

Most of the “Arrested Development” cast was in NYC Monday doing press to hype up their upcoming 5th season. That includes Jeffrey Tambor, too, by the way … despite his sexual misconduct scandal.

As far as this goes, though, not nearly as much drama for the Bluths. No one was arrested or cited for the accident. Rest easy, ‘AD’ fans — the TV fam’s still intact.

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