Harrison Ford Directs Tunnel Traffic in New York City

Harrison Ford

But I Really Wanna Direct Traffic

… ‘GO!! GET OUT!!!’

9/11/2017 1:05 PM PDT

Harrison Ford would make one helluva New York City cop on traffic duty … judging by the way he handled a tunnel backup in Manhattan.

Ford’s Benz got trapped Sunday in between cars entering the Midtown tunnel. There was a pileup inside, and ol’ Indiana Jones wasn’t down to wait … so he got outta his ride and started directing traffic!

No clear and present danger far as we can see, except maybe Harrison being late for a flight. You can hear other drivers’ disbelief in the video because, quite frankly, it looked like he was shooting a movie the way he barked commands.

“Bridge & Tunnel Fugitive” … or maybe, “Raider of the Midtown Tunnel.” Ya get the idea.

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