Former Sen. Bob Kerrey says Vietnam & Civil Rights Tore Country Apart More Than Trump

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey

Civil Rights and Vietnam > Trump

In Dividing the Country

4/12/2018 7:45 AM PDT


The notion that President Trump is dividing our nation more than it’s been since Vietnam is total crap … according to former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey.

We got Nebraska’s former governor and Senator on Capitol Hill Wednesday, and asked about the political climate under the Trump administration. Our guy barely got out the question before Kerrey interrupted and called BS.

Yes, there have been nationwide rallies against the President’s travel ban, and huge marches for women’s rightsgun control and immigration laws — but Kerrey says you’re suffering memory loss if ya think it compares to the ’60s. 

He makes a strong case for 2018 taking a back seat to 1968 … on many levels.  

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