Dick Cheney's Signed Waterboard Kit Purportedly for Sale on eBay

Dick Cheney

Signed Waterboard Kit for Sale

… eBay Listing Purports

7/22/2018 3:04 PM PDT

The “waterboard kit” Sacha Baron Cohen got former Vice President Dick Cheney to sign for his new show has apparently hit the digital marketplace … and bids are coming in fast.

A new eBay listing purports to be selling the original empty milk jug a disguised Sacha asked the ex-Veep to personally autograph in his new Showtime series, “Who Is America?” 

The highest bid so far (as of this writing) tops out at $160.50. The listing claims all proceeds from the sale will be donated to Amnesty International — a grassroots human rights org.

Hard to tell if this is the real McCoy, or if it’s just more trolling in the name of Sacha’s show — which has already duped the likes of Sarah Palin and countless other GOP officials. Whatever the case … it’s funny to think about. The thing also looks pretty damn real.

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