Derrick Lewis Says He Can't Wait to Beat Greg Hardy's Ass, It's Personal

UFC’s Derrick Lewis

I Can’t Wait to Beat Greg Hardy’s Ass

… It’s Personal

6/14/2018 11:51 AM PDT


UFC star Derrick Lewis says he was genuinely impressed with Greg Hardy‘s 57-second knockout … but tells TMZ Sports he’s REALLY HAPPY that it means he’s one step closer to fighting the ex-NFL star. 

Remember, Lewis has previously told us he has real hatred toward Hardy because he believes Greg DID brutalize the ex-girlfriend he was accused of attacking back in 2014. 

Hardy was initially convicted of domestic violence, but appealed — and won — and the conviction was overturned.  

Lewis tells TMZ Sports his stepfather abused his mother — and he still has a lot of built up anger he wants to take out on Hardy. 

Dana White told us Hardy needs a few more fights under his belt before he gets a shot against a big name UFC fighter … but it’s clear Lewis is champing at the bit

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