Dallas Cowboys Coaches Cussed & Argued Over Anthem Protest

Dallas Cowboys Coaches

Cussed & Argued

… Over Anthem Protest

5/16/2018 2:32 PM PDT

Dallas Cowboys coaches had a heated meeting about the team’s decision to kneel before the National Anthem last season with one coach saying, “Who gives a f**k what the President says.”

It’s all part of a docuseries featuring the Cowboys called “All or Nothing,” which featured a look inside a real team conversation surrounding the anthem protest. 

Before the Sept. 25 game against the Cardinals — days after President Trump made inflammatory comments about players kneeling for the anthem — Jerry Jones told the team he wanted everyone to take a knee in unity before the song — but when the anthem begins, he told them, “I want you to stand.”

“I want us to, in front of God and everybody, walk out there together, all of us, and kneel down in the name of unity.”

Jones goes on to say … “Then they’re gonna play the National Anthem. And I do want you to stand with me. I do want you to stand.”

After the game, head coach Jason Garrett talked to his coaching staff about the team’s show of unity … and it got intense.

O-line coach Frank Pollack says … “What happened to blocking out the f***ing noise? Who gives a f*** what the President says?”

“Let’s get our focus on what we’re trying to do. All this is doing is distracting us from what we’re trying to f***ing accomplish.”

Aside from being a look inside how a team handled the controversy … it’s possible the footage could be used in Colin Kaepernick‘s collusion case against the NFL … to illustrate the Cowboys’ feelings towards the anthem protests.

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