D.A. Rejects Scott Baio Case

Scot Baio

D.A. Rejects Case

6/19/2018 2:04 PM PDT


Scott Baio is in the clear, because the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected Nicole Eggert‘s sexual molestation claims against him.

The D.A. cites the statute of limitations as the reason for the rejection. As TMZ reported, Eggert claimed Baio repeatedly molested her between ages 14 and 17. Baio called BS and said he only had sex with Eggert once … when she was 18.

Under current California law there’s no statute of limitations if an adult sexually assaults a minor, but when the alleged assaults occurred in the ’80s, the statute of limitations was 3 years, which means it has long since run out.

As we previously reported, sources familiar with the case called it “potentially prosecutable” were it not for the statute of limitations.

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