Cynthia Nixon Shouldn't Be Running For Governor, Says New York Congressman

NY Congressman to Cynthia Nixon

Stick to Politics in the City, Not State

3/20/2018 3:57 PM PDT


A New York congressman says Cynthia Nixon‘s jumping into the deep end of politics by running for Governor in their home state … and thinks she needs some floatie lessons first. 

We got U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks of NY’s 5th congressional district on Capitol Hill Tuesday, and asked him to weigh in on Nixon’s candidacy for the Governorship.

Safe to say, he’s no fan — explaining that Nixon’s in way over her head by trying to go straight to the top of New York government, and might be better served running for a local office first.

Our question … is he against the principle of celebs running for a high office — as he indicates by comparing her potential win to Trump’s “disaster” presidency — or is he merely a staunch supporter of incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo — Cynthia’s opponent? 

Whatever the case … Meeks seems to have a message for the real-life Miranda Hobbes … drop out.

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