Corey Feldman Mum On Story that Corey Haim was Raped at 13

Corey Feldman

I’m Not Talking About Corey Haim

… I Promised His Mom

11/12/2017 6:51 AM PST

Corey Feldman says he made the mother of his good friend a promise not to talk about allegations Corey Haim was sexually molested when he was 13 … and he’s sticking to his promise.

We got Feldman outside Tao Saturday night, and asked him a story claiming Charlie Sheen raped Haim, something Sheen fiercely denies.    

Corey’s mom, Judy Haim, went on Dr. Oz recently and said a former actor sexually abused her son, but not Charlie.  

Corey Haim died in 2010 at 38.

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