Bow Wow Mocks Lonzo Ball Over 3-Point Game, 'I Don't Train and I Smoke Weed!'

Bow Wow

Mocks Lonzo Ball Over 3-Point Game

‘I Don’t Train & I Smoke Weed!’

3/13/2018 7:35 AM PDT


Bow Wow CAN’T BELIEVE he beat Lonzo Ball in a 3-point shooting contest — even if he only won 1 game out of 3 — bragging that he out-shot an NBA star without any training and a weed habit! 

“It’s the fact that I don’t train, I smoke weed, and I make music, and I act. I don’t got no time to be training. So the fact that I beat him one time means a lot.”

Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss — aka Calvin Cambridge from “Like Mike”) was leaving Poppy in L.A. with his crew when we asked how the shooting contest with Lonzo happened in the first place. 

“Lonzo Ball came to Atlanta (to play the Hawks). They blew us out and we got the word that Lonzo and the Lakers were in (a nearby nightclub) and I said, ‘Yo, bring ’em to the studio.'”

Bow Wow has a full basketball court in the studio so when Zo showed up they decided to have a Best of 3 shooting contest.

“He won two games. I won one,” Bow Wow bragged. 

FYI, Lonzo Ball should have CRUSHED all three games … and Bow Wow knows it.

But, Zo will have a shot at redemption — Bow Wow says he has love and respect for Ball and would gladly offer a rematch.

So … Zo — you down?

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