Adult Swim's 'Black Jesus' Lawsuit Dismissed

Adult Swim’s ‘Black Jesus’

Holy Tossed Lawsuits!!!

No One Owns Black JC Idea

12/7/2017 4:51 PM PST


Adult Swim’s prayers have been answered … the “Black Jesus” lawsuit is no more. Amen. 

A judge dismissed the suit a writer named Saint Solomon filed against AS. He claimed their show ripped off his short story, “Thank You, Jesus” — which also features an African-American Messiah.

In the docs — obtained by TMZ — the judge spells it out pretty clearly — the tales of 2 Christs aren’t similar at all … other than the lead characters being black.

Yes, both works had the idea of making Jesus black, but as the judge said, “Ideas are not protected by copyright.” 

As we reported … Solomon wanted $75 million from Adult Swim. No dice.

Can the network get a hallelujah? 

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