Adrien Broner Will 'Get Whacked' If He Doesn't Grow Up, Says Boxing Legend Ray Mancini

Boxing Legend Ray Mancini

Broner’s Gonna ‘Get Whacked’

… If He Doesn’t Grow Up

9/12/2017 4:19 PM PDT


Adrien Broner is ruining his life right now, and it ain’t gonna end well unless he gets it together FAST — so says legendary boxer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini

We got the Hall of Famer outside Friars Club in NYC … and he didn’t sugarcoat what’s gonna happen to A.B. if the boxing star keeps becoming unhinged.

“That’s how you get whacked,” Mancini told TMZ Sports. “People take you out for a lot less.”

Ray, of course, is referring to Broner’s violent Vegas rampage … where he pushed a woman and KO’d a dude on the strip.

Mancini says Broner’s boy, Floyd Mayweather, will try to help him anyway — if he hasn’t already — but told us Broner’s “a grown a** man” that needs to account for his own actions.

True that.

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